Dad needs to step up

I have tris for the last week to contact my baby boys dad for the last week he has not bothered to call me back….the reason being is be aide that would of meant he would of had to face me knowing he didn’t get me a card from our child only birthday so he has avoidede but the truth of the matter is I don’t care as I asked the nursery I’m at if they could help my two year old make me a card and they did and ya know what the best Birthday Surprise Asia that when I walked in to eat my son he pointed inside the card at the orange scribble and said “Mummy”..,,,,BEST PRESENT EVER!!!!oxo


Cinema with a 2year old

Sooo always took My boy cinema with me since he was 6 months old as being a single parent it’s not easy to just say right fancy cinema can you look after him etc so we went to see our first film that wasn’t just animation “A night at the Museum”….HE LOVED IT..,my advice is always have a bottle if they start and popcorn and the bits they like to nibble on and then voila happy days 😂

Every month

Every Month you feel the same thing laughs on us women men got out of it easy I’m feeling like crap and tummy ache and had a migraine for three days BUT have decided to press ahead and go do a workout while mum looks after the baby it might makes feel better Boxercise here I come….what I’m trying to say is hopefully it might make my period feel better and stop the cravings and me breaking my New Years revolutions of eating every kind of crap food you can think of!!!!😁